Mats Rydin
Duck Season
14.04.21 - 30.04.21


My father Mats has in recent years picked up his art practice, exploring various mediums such as wood-carving, luminous chalk art, and paintings on stone - included in this exhibition. This is not so far away from what I am into, alternative stuff. My father is also into alternative things like religion, prepping, conspiracy theories and electromagnetic fields impact on health… I myself grew up hanging out with political leftist activist; I went to punk concerts and I am still engaged in a loosely organised scene of artist initiatives of the smaller scale. I make shows in flats and off-spaces sharing them with a small group of interested peers. I would argue that this is not very different from the various communities and self organised religious events in private homes that my father is taking part in. Back in the days, some of my involvement in alternative stuff could have been seen as a rebellion against my parents, now when I look at how structures are built things are looking very similar. Even the political views that we don’t share might appear to many people as just equally alternative. Considering where I come from I might not be so alternative after all.

Rollaversion Gallery is proud to present the first solo show by my dad.


Two Dogs 2019 10kg, Dog 2019 2kg, Duck 2020 3kg, acrylic on stone.