Henning Lundkvist
ARTIST TALK 26.07.17

26.07.17, 5pm-8pm
Reading at 6.30pm

It is true that I had accumulated a lot of cultural capital, but like so many others I had never found a way to convert it into cash.

Many European cities are getting increasingly difficult for artists to live and work in. There may be more artists than ever, producing more artworks than ever, but the value of cultural capital is continuously reaching new lows, while the rents are still rising. So, with artists living in crammed apartments, where do they actually keep all the artworks? With freeports being a default end-station for art bought as financial speculation, where does all the unsold art end up?

At Rollaversion Gallery, Henning Lundkvist will read his new text Artist Talk 26.07.17, a fictional account of a real present in which he happens to play a tiny part. For the evening, Rollaversion’s previous show Access will be neatly stored away, yet still just as accessible as ever.

Henning Lundkvist (SE/DK) is an artist and writer living in Copenhagen. He is currently working on Planned Obsolescence, his first retrospective. An eponymous book of his fiction will be published by Atlas Projectos in 2018. His first novel Jolene will soon be published by CLP Works.

The gallery is located at 8 Canal Walk, London N1 5SA.